“Mike D” as he is affectionately known, is a Proud Husband and Father!  He’s a Personal Development Coach and Communications Consultant, sought after Speaker, Author, Content Creator and Workshop Facilitator to those looking to Uncover their Unique Greatness and Embrace the Fullness of Who they Authentically Are.   Mike’s Unique Life Experiences and Gift of Communication Helps him Bring Thought-Provoking Insight and Life Changing Perspectives to diverse and eclectic groups from various walks of life.

Mike is Blessed with the calling of:

  • Empowering Individuals “prior to” and “in the midst of” Transition by helping them gain Clarity and Establish their Authentic Foundation
  • Helping Peak Performing Professionals Refine their Perspectives and Elevate their Performance
  • Equipping Current and Future Fathers and “Father-figures” with the tools Necessary to Lead with Excellence.

Mike’s collection of experiences, education and personal development led to the creation of the  “Double Down on YOU” Leadership and Personal Development Process.  He challenges individuals to “Embrace their GREATNESS while pursing their INTERESTS; Recognizing FAULTS & FAILURES and Guarding themselves against their Personal TRIGGERS“.  He effectively encourages individuals to Unwrap their Unique “G.I.F.T.” (Greatness, Interest, Faults/Failures, Triggers)

Additionally, He’s super engaged in EVERYTHING associated with Black Male ExcellenceHe’s COMMITTED to doing his part to help reshape the narrative that’s so often presented regarding Black Men.  Some of his available resources to support Black Male Excellence:

  • “Black Fathers, NOW!” Podcast
  • The Book, “Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto”
  • The Book, “ABE: Always Be Engaged”
  • “Brothers Learning From Sisters” YouTube Video series
  • “Jumpstart Fatherhood” 15 Module “Pre-Fatherhood” Training Course (Coming Soon)

Mike is equipped to Dynamically impact individuals and groups interested in Personal Growth from Unique Angles.

Originally From Augusta, GA and Currently Residing in Knoxville, TN; here is a little more about Mike…
    • B.S. Economics 2002, Georgia Institute of Technology
    • Over 13yrs of Medical Sales Experience
    • Author of “Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto” (2018)
    • Author of  “ABE” Always Be Engaged: The 7 Keys to Living a Fit Urban Life (2015)
    • Creator of the Biblical Finance Series “Get Your Money Straight”
    • Creator and Host of the Podcast www.BlackFathersNOW.com
    • Founder of the apparel company www.BlackFamilyApparel.com
    • World Traveler (Caribbean, Africa, Europe, Asia, etc.)
    • Voracious Reader

Connect with Mike D. Today!!!  gtmikedorsey@gmail.com (GT is for Georgia Tech!!!)

Be Blessed, Well and Wise!